Run The Theatre 2019

Megalopolis has once again highlighted its historic value in a race that was conducted with the best organizational and competitive conditions, with the significant support of all local institutional players, with the cooperation of athletic clubs and with the approval of SEGAS.

With the participation of over 1,000 registered runners, held in Megalopolis, Arcadia, on Sunday 5th of May, the 3rd Run Theater 2019 – a race dedicated to the city’s ancient theater.

The race of Megalopolis with the certification of its course gave the opportunity to the runners, by starting from the city central square, to compete on an excellent course without altitude fluctuations, on a clear asphalt paved path in a course that goes past the city’s ancient theater.

On Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5/05/19, in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Arcadia and with the presence of a tour guide, the Ancient Theater welcomed the runners who honored the Organization with their presence by coming from many regions of our country.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank all the athletes for their performance, the educational community for its dynamic presence and all the runners for their participation.

All participants had the opportunity to experience an unforgettable racing experience!

Socially we achieved:

• The distribution of 1,500 portions of pasta to the Public Protection and Solidarity Service of the Municipality of Megalopolis for the support of the poor families of Megalopolis with the contribution of the Hellenic Pasta Industry, Helios.

• The dynamic presence of the educational community and the promotion of the message of lifelong exercise.

• For the first time, took place the program “Let them Run Again!” of the Institute for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+ and sports shoes were gathered in order to be reused and were distributed to the Public Protection and Solidarity of the Municipality of Megalopolis.

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  • Νίκου Γκάτσου 4, Τρίπολη, 22100