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5th Nea Smirni Historic Run – 2019

On October 6, 2019 the 5th Nea Smirni Historic Run took place with great success. Numerous runners flooded Nea Smirni central square in a race dedicated to the lost homes.


Corfu Half Marathon 2019

Corfu celebrated the 2nd Corfu Half Marathon on Sunday 29 of September in a big participatory running gala with more than 1.300 participant runners and 2000 accompanying persons!


Nafplio Castle Run 2019

For the fifth consecutive year the Municipality of Nafplio in cooperation with the Regional Union of Argolis, the Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, the Argolis sports club G.E. and under the auspieces of ministry of tourism and the Alliance for Greece, organized the 5th Nafplio Castle Run.


Nafplio Marathon 2015

The 2nd Nafplio Marathon established a successful event in the heart of March.


Nafplio Marathon 2016

For 3rd consecutive year, the city of Nafplio welcomed more than 6000 athletes who honored the event with their participation.


Eirinodromia 2015

In an effort to upgrade the event “Eirinodromia” our company worked closely together with OPAP Agios Dimitrios, Region of Attica, sports club OFKA Odysseus, and under the auspices of SEGAS.


Eirinodromia 2016

Eirinodromia 2016 took place for one more year with huge success.


Nafplio Castle Run 2015

In November 29 2015, the city of Nafplio celebrated it’s release from the Turks. Part of the celebrations was for the first time “Palamidios Athlos”, a special event with total distance 5Km.


Skiritida run 2016

The 1st Skiritida Run took place on Sunday 5 June with mass participation, a lot of colors, passion about running and a lot of smiley faces.


Crete Marathon 2016

The first Crete Marathon took place with huge success!

The athlete participation surpassed every expectation, the organization was of the highest standard and all the authorities were flawlessly cooperated.


2nd Nea Smirni Historic Run – 2016

In cooperation with Cultural organization of Nea Smirni municipality, SAFANS club and sponsored by SEGAS the 2nd Nea Smirni Historic Run took place in October 2, 2016.


1st Nea Smirni Historic Run – 2015

The 1st Historic Run for lost homelands took place in 4th October 2015 with great participation.

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