Eirinodromia 2019

The heart of sports beat in Agios Dimitrios on Sunday, May 12th where more than 3,000 runners have been present at the Eirinodromia 2019. The race was organized by the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios Attica (OPAP) in cooperation with the Sports club OFKA Odysseas, with the support of the Attica Region and under the auspices of SEGAS.

Following the successful course of recent years, the Event with its parallel cultural activities, that took place like every year in memory of Alekos Panagoulis, has been established as one of the more mass athletic events in Attica.

The 2019 Eirinodromia was framed by the following parallel activities:

Collaboration and support of the work of the club “FLOGA” with the award of an economic dividend to the Association of Parents of Children with Neoplastic Disease “FLOGA”.
Free participation in the events for the ALL the Schools of Primary and Secondary Education of the Municipality, aiming at sports education and lifelong exercising.
Moreover, took place the participation of Schools of primary education in the Kids Athletics program.

Free athletic program “Preparing the citizens – amateur runners” for their participation in the race. The program was launched in March 2019 by Sports Club OFKA “Odysseus”.
Health Program, which included: Free Cardiac Control Test and Orthopedic test for the citizens and athletes wishing to participate in the race. The program took place with the collaboration and courtesy of Henry Dynan Hospital Center.
Enhancement of the Social Grocery Shop: Distribution of 2,500 portions of pasta to the municipal grocery store, a courtesy from the Pasta Industry “HELIOS”
The BATALA music band was part of the racing events with their dynamic and excellent presence.
It should be noted that the course of Eirinodromia is certified by SEGAS and AIMS.

The Organizing Committee congratulates all the athletes on their performances and also all the runners for their participation and effort!

All participants had the chance to experience an unforgettable running experience!

For more information please visit: https://www.eirinodromia.gr/en/

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